And it begins

This is a blog that Will have a good ending, the beginning and middle may not be.

Danielle is creative, smart, artistic, nerdy, loving, caring just the sweetest little girl. xxooxxooxxoo  She’s been a miracle from the day we knew she was joining our family and has been a sweet kind gentle soul from day one.  We’ve had people describe her as an old soul.  Mom and dad have always felt blessed to be her parents.


This past year, things have slowly changed.  We have been very hard on her as of late thinking she’s getting really lazy, never wanting to leave the house.  No energy, not taking care of herself-  Not wanting to really do much of anything.

In the past, She would come to the park with us and would run and play and swing and love the feel of her body moving and pushing herself, lately we would take her to the park and she was not her normal running like a “wild woman” self (is it just that she’s 10 and a girl, and she’s just going through natural changes?)