Great Aunt Cindy-Day Three

Danielle is getting way to much attention today for sure.  At first she was excited to get out of school 10:00 to Noon.  Due to the Angel Hair ladies coming.  Mom came and of course I was here!!!  They wanted to learn about Danielle as they had heard she was an artist.  So all this fuss commenced.  They wanted a T-shirt so we practiced our “fight like a girl” posses.


The new wig, showing the art off, yadda, yadda, she bailed out and went to school, just to EXCAPE us and all the attention.  So now I’m sitting in the room all by myself.


2 thoughts on “Great Aunt Cindy-Day Three”

  1. I love your wig! It is so pretty. I miss you and glad to see you are smiling.
    Ms. Matzelle

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