Day 21 for round 2

There hasn’t been a lot of posts lately, but a lot has been going on. Mom has moved back into the house, so the family is living together under one roof. Much easier on Devon, Mom & Dad.

Danielle is doing great, I’m still amazed every day how she finds stuff to do. Smiling and laughing is very common (or making odd noises). If it was me I think I would be very depressed, but she’s upbeat and very happy. Of course love food from home, Hospital food is starting to grow old.

Current Blood levels are as low as they can go: ANC=0, she’s had two platelet & red blood transions in the last week. Doctors say she is doing every thing right on target. She should start making her own blood again around the 6-20-15. So then we just have to get them up to a point that we can leave, so 4th is look good right now, but time will tell for english bulldogs and their food.

Thank-you for all the support, we really appricaite it.

One thought on “Day 21 for round 2”

  1. Such a great post! It’s so nice to hear day 21 and she is right on target! I’m so hoping she can enjoy the 4th w/the family!!! Would boost her already great spirits. I agree would be hard to be upbeat like she is.

    I know she likes turkey sub, rice, cucumbers, strawberries. What else? I’ll make sure my three night stay comes w/home cooked food. Hugs!!!

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