The Waiting May Be The Hardest Part!!

I can’t stop rubbing her fuzzy head it’s soft like when she was a baby! She isn’t impressed with my obsession…image

This year is such a mixture of exciting new-Devon is starting Kindergarten and fear and sadness of having a sick child.  The good news is they still haven’t found any active cancer cells, but when Danielle is getting sick for days on end and can’t hold food down, it can be really hard to celebrate.

My heart is heavy thinking about Devon starting school without his sister there.  We were so excited that they would be together, but he’s a very confident and tough little man, he will be alright.  Knowing Devon, he will be the class President within his first week!  Here’s a photo of Danielle in Preschool and Kindergarten… Sorry about the quality, they are photos of wall pictures.

image image

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  1. She had such a cute square chin and smile. Nurses and staff and Dornbecker comment now on her smile!!! She still has the beautiful smile;-). Any word on going home???

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