Go Team Danielle

You all deserve medals of honor for bravery on the battle field. You have and are facing a mortal enemy. You have all done this with grace, honor, and courage. I read your last post and cried for all you are going through. And you are right, the world is a better place with our precious, one of a kind Danielle. We all want to watch her grow up and find her place in this world, as she has demonstrated such an amazing capacity to adapt and carry on no matter what has been thrown at her. She is amazing, truly amazing and she has the best parents at her side, the best hospital tending her and support group behind her. We are all praying, sending positive thoughts and love. I will be on my knees a lot during the process and have written dates down on my calendar. She will get so much loving at Christmas she will radiate with all the love.  Love, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dennis