Day -2

Cyclophosphamide started yesterday, I guess this is some really strong chemo. She has to get up to pee every two hours and they are testing the pee every two hours too.

Threw up a lot yesterday, but now they have her on alternating anti nausea and it seems to be keeping her stomach calm (so far). I think this has been the hardest chemo treatment that she’s been on so far (and we’ve been through a lot). But she is being a very strong young woman, I’m very proud of her!

Mom & Dad on the other hand are trying to stay strong, really hard when you know your baby is hurting & fighting for her life.

The paper change link to counting down the peeing every two hours

PS- what does the “Day -2” mean, days to bone marrow transplant (so her new birthday will be 1-5-2017)

Day 21 for round 2

There hasn’t been a lot of posts lately, but a lot has been going on. Mom has moved back into the house, so the family is living together under one roof. Much easier on Devon, Mom & Dad.

Danielle is doing great, I’m still amazed every day how she finds stuff to do. Smiling and laughing is very common (or making odd noises). If it was me I think I would be very depressed, but she’s upbeat and very happy. Of course love food from home, Hospital food is starting to grow old.

Current Blood levels are as low as they can go: ANC=0, she’s had two platelet & red blood transions in the last week. Doctors say she is doing every thing right on target. She should start making her own blood again around the 6-20-15. So then we just have to get them up to a point that we can leave, so 4th is look good right now, but time will tell for english bulldogs and their food.

Thank-you for all the support, we really appricaite it.

Day 27

This doesn’t get easier as time goes on. The new “normal” is far from what we would have ever thought of. Danielle is doing well, spirits are high and she really does likes doing art all day.

Her blood levels (anc & platelets) are still not creating enough for her. So another platelet transfusion is in the near future. Until the level go up we can’t leave the hospital.

She found a few volunteers with CHAPS to hang out with playing games. She amazes me every day with her personal strength.