Weekend Update

Doctors continue to say how well Danielle is doing. Even though she got platelets again Friday morning. She’s still eating good and keeping herself busy, that’s not always easy As uncle David found out today. Boring. 

She’s off to do art now!

We are hoping for some good news next week, maybe we’ll be able to go home. I know the battle is far from over but a little reprieve will be nice

Thank you everyone for all the support!

Day 9 of chemo 4/26

Morgan stayed with Danielle last night so this is what we saw this morning when showing up at the hospital:

image image


I think these sisters had a good night together!  Morgan is really keeping her spirits up and encourages Danielle to work hard to beat this!  The nurse unhooked her IV for a few hours today and she and I snuggled on the window seat image image


I love this little lady!  She’s very special.

Devons first visit

Devon finally drove up to Doernbechers with Grandma Sandi and Aunt Dani today to visit Danielle in the hospital.  The kids were so excited to see one another, they got a little silly!! imageimageDevon couldn’t go into the ward imagedue to strict contamination rules (they are smart, he is a very germy little man) so tried talking to her thru the glass, when that didn’t work he told me to write her a letter as he dictated what to write…. Ps.  My dictation skills are not off, he just talks to hear his voice!

finally, he decided to show his love to sissy by drawing her a picture of a monster…. Little brothers!  Gotta love ’em!image