Ashley’s Married!!

Exciting news, although a little sad news that we received last night. (Ashley the oldest daughter; she is 20 years old and attends Univ. of Oregon in Eugene. She is a sophomore there, but is almost finished for the year).

Ashley called last night, her longtime boyfriend Jeff Kincaid joined the Army ROTC program at U of O at the beginning of the school year to pay for his college and apparently he got a call yesterday morning that he is being deployed (he’s not sure where he is going yet, but guessing Iraq or Afghanistan since this is quite last minute and they only pull college students from school in dire situations where they truly NEED the manpower) and so Ashley and Jeff have decided to go to downtown Portland to get married!!! Apparently you can waive the 3 day waiting period for a marriage license for military deployment.

So Jeff flies to Salt Lake City Thursday and get his orders then we’ll know where he is going and for how long.

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