updates: January 12 Day +7

I forgot to post this so it’s a little late. Sorry. +7 days after transplant, Danielle’s hair started coming out in clumps and making a big mess. “cut it mom”…she told me. I asked for scissors and Nora our CNA brought me some children safety scissors. You know the type that are short, dull with rounded tips? Yeah those ones. So I went to town, putting her hair into pigtails that I could easily cut off (not so easy with safety scissors let me tell you) and I made her bea-u-ti-ful! Ok she’s gorgeous on her own, but her hair was at least falling out in shorter chunks here on out.  She loves it.  Her mucositis really got bad that night, so it was a very miserable night and turned into a very miserable week which is why I haven’t had a chance to post.  She was funny the next morning she woke up with hardly ANY hair left and I asked her what happened.  “you know that towel you left on my pillow when I kept getting sick?” she asks.

“yea-I remember” I answer cautiously

“It felt really good to rub my head on it all night and made my hair fall all the way out” she smiles at me surrounded by a pile of hair on her pillow, sheets and blankets

This kid cracks me up. It’s the little moments right now that keep me going.

They hooked her up to morphine that day with a steady drip and a button to administer a stronger dose for times when the pain was unbearable.  Like I said…tough week. :'(

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  1. I hope she got the card I sent about, “Everyone having ‘bad hair’ days”!!!!! And the picture above w/the one lopsided pig tail, my favorite.

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