Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow (too cheesy?)

I think the title is self explanatory even if it is cheesy!

Today after reading an article on the toronto laser hair removal blog, i pulled out her messy bun that was starting to look like a matted dog and sprayed de tangler on her beautiful golden tresses … She used her fingers working through the ratted mess and whallah!  Handfuls of hair were coming out!  She was laughing and pulling it out and having a blast!  I think part of it was relief that her evil mother can no longer use the line ” Are you seriously leaving the house with your your hair looking like that??!!”

She is saving the hair all in a pile as she’s pulling it from her scalp and at one point places what appears to be a rats nest on top of her head… See mom if anyone asks, I’m not “loosing” my hair-it’s right here!  Okaaaay….

image image


Tonight dad is bringing his shaver so they can be twins!  This should be interesting!  She also requested a ziplock bag! Yes she fully intends to keep her hair!  Hopefully she will be keeping it at dads house, not moms, it kinda looks like a golden rat!

Day 12 – Rosy Red Rash

Today has been tough, Danielle got a rash yesterday after her platelet infusion and today it got worse.  She hasn’t gotten out of bed much today, she’s running a fever and has eaten next to nothing… It’s tough to see her this way.