She Got Sick :(

Danielle has had a cough for the past week and we were hopeful it was just her dust allergies, but it has blown into a full blown cold – which was confirmed by tests (rhinovirus) and has moved into her lungs.

She was taken for a CT Scan today and they found an infection in her right lung and are prepping her for a bronchial test where they go down into her lungs with a camera and take a sample of the fluid while they are there to test for fungus.

This is a major set back and as you can imagine we are quite upset and worried.  I have been fighting pneumonia for the past few weeks and Bill is beyond exhausted, but we are fighting the good fight.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


Happy Birthday Danielle!

To the goofiest 11 year old I know!  Happy Birthday.  May all your dreams come true (if it’s going home from the hospital today, sorry but your “dreams” need to wait until your numbers are UP) and the most kindest hearted person I’ve ever met-and I know ALOT of people!

You are a true miracle, the child who changed my life for the better, the one who gave me hope and reason to get up each morning, even on those days I didn’t want to.  The only doll I got to dress up and make pretty each morning and enjoyed doing so – haha, I knew you’d love to hear that.  You still are and always will be my Favorite Daughter!!

Love you, Mom.