Yes Danielle Has Come Home!

We finally got her released Monday afternoon (we were told Noon, but you know how slow hospitals are to release) and we’ve been holed up at home together since.

It’s so refreshing to have her home again.  We made a promise to let her “be” without interruptions or pressure.  She’s been poked, prodded, woken and forced to do things for 7 months and we let her have peace and she’s loving it!  Of course, we kiss and hug her every chance we get!

She was scheduled to get a bone marrow biopsy Friday to determine if the cancer truly is gone, but her platelets were still too low, so it’s being rescheduled soon and we should have an answer to that impending question after the test is complete.

We’ve been asked by several people when she will return to school and our answer to that is: We don’t know.  Danielle is still very weak, has low platelets and tires easily.  We may try home tutoring for a bit before she returns.  We were thinking of easing her in slowly once she does return-perhaps trying two hours a day, three days a week at the beginning until we get her on a full schedule once again, but I can’t see that happening until after the first of the year.

Needless to say we are beyond happy to have our baby girl home with us once again!!