3 years cancer free

I really can’t believe it’s been three years now since her bone marrow transplant. I’ve been thankful everyday that we still have Danielle around. Yes she’s 15 now not wanting to drive yet, but it’s coming up soon.

Goodbye Hickman!

Today is a great day to be Danielle.  She’s getting her Hickman (direct line for chemo, meds, blood draws etc) removed!  She’s doing incredibly well and we feel so blessed to be here today.  💕❤💕🌈❤️💕❤🌈

Make A Wish granted Danielle’s Greatest Wish

Make A Wish came today and granted Danielle's wish. A MacBook Pro, tablet (electronic drawing tablet), microphone,…

Posted by Trina Deisz on Sunday, January 29, 2017