3 years cancer free

I really can’t believe it’s been three years now since her bone marrow transplant. I’ve been thankful everyday that we still have Danielle around. Yes she’s 15 now not wanting to drive yet, but it’s coming up soon.

Goodbye Hickman!

Today is a great day to be Danielle.  She’s getting her Hickman (direct line for chemo, meds, blood draws etc) removed!  She’s doing incredibly well and we feel so blessed to be here today.  💕❤💕🌈❤️💕❤🌈

Make A Wish granted Danielle’s Greatest Wish

Make A Wish came today and granted Danielle's wish. A MacBook Pro, tablet (electronic drawing tablet), microphone,…

Posted by Trina Deisz on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Things are looking a lot better

Danielle is starting to make white blood cells..on her own!  There aren’t a lot yet, but we are very excited.  She has actually gotten an ANC count this morning, which is even better.  This means she is developing an immune system again.  Her count this AM was ~200. (a count of 500 for 3 days in a row means she can start sleeping at home) that being said, she would still need mom and dad to drive her to the hospital 4 or more days a week to do blood work, administer meds, platelets etc as needed, however, sleeping in her own bed without hourly vitals…priceless!  First things first.  She has to get off the TPN (IV nutrition) and start eating.  She quit eating weeks ago and not even a chocolate bar could entice her, so we’ve got work to do.  She also has to get off the morphine and as her mucositis improves I think she will be able to do that.  Finally, she needs to move more…which if you know my daughter this can be a challenge, Nora (her CNA) doesn’t call her “bed slug” for fun…there is a reason!!(although it is funny)

Love this kid, let’s keep praying she continues to improve and grafting her new marrow and has NO further complications.

This is “bed slug” in action.  She’s awake, just hiding because dad’s taking her pic.