New Jeep stuff… yahh

I was really lucky and won 500.00 from work last week. So I decided to put it in to my Jeep (of course right). New front bumper with winch frm , rear bumper with tire swing arm and new trail lights (they were free with the front bumper)

Now I just have to do all the work to get them installed, I’m not what you would call mechanical, so It may take a while.

Were does all the time go?

I’ve been really busy at work lately and then decided to upgrade my hosting server to the newest Plesk 11.5 on windows 2012 (and IIS 8). Talk about a big change! Not sure I like the windows 8 look on the server.

So Far the Plesk 11.5 install has been working very well. It seems to update every night, but If it’s to help security, do it twice a day.