Plans to go home Monday 

I’m very happy to report that we should be going home early next week, hoping for Monday. They are lowering steroids and taking her off  the calories in her IV. Even changing her daily medication from IV to pills.

The last two days we’ve been walking around the hospital, actually out of the ward. She kind of sprinted out the door. Lots of breaks, but she’s doing great!

It’s so good to see the silly Danielle again (and patty)

Updates for October

Danielle has very crackly wet lungs and so they checked her heart output and it has decreased since they checked it last…this can be an issue for people who go through AML, so they brought in the cardiologists and they are watching her closely.  So we have a team of doctors monitoring her cancer, a team of doctors monitoring any infectious diseases she may have (i.e. fungus and such) and now a team of cardiologists….i’m thinking we may need to bring in some mental health officials soon to start pumping ALL of us with some happy drugs, but we barely have time to pee anymore with everyone marching through this hospital room.

NOW…They are talking about moving us to a larger room, which is causing mixed emotions.  We think “yeah a bigger room, more room to move and for all these doctors to stand further away and not be rubbing elbows with us every time they come in”…then we think “wait a second, people who are leaving soon don’t need to move into a new room and dirty it up!” that’s not a good sign that they are interested NOW, after six months here, of making us more comfortable!  Not feeling good about this at all…

On another note, Grumpy Cat was here in Beaverton/Portland area on Wednesday and i’m praying they get my messages and bring her to Doernbechers to meet Danielle.  Its a LONG shot, but you never know, you have to at least try right?  See my Facebook posts and share with all your friends please to get the message out there to someone who may have some influence in the Grumpy Cat World!!!


We’re Still Here, Still Nothing New to Report


Danielle’s numbers (White  blood cell, ANC and hemoglobin) are all slowly starting to climb, which is promising.  They have her on a very heavy antibiotic and anti-fungal medication and she feels very sick and hasn’t eaten in quite some time.  She drank two Slurpee’s yesterday though (she ended up losing them after the second, it was just a bit much) and ate two grapes for Grandma Sandi this weekend, so when I say she isn’t eating – I mean, she isn’t eating much, but sometimes will sample “food” again to decide it just isn’t for her.

She sleeps a lot, she looks very pale and has circles around her eyes, but every once in awhile she perks up like the old days and makes goofy faces, gets out of bed for a few minutes and sits up.  She wears out easily though and finds her way back to bed quite quickly.

Keep on praying for her to get better and come home, we really need to our baby girl home with us.


It’s Hard to Report Anything When it’s Not Positive

I was brought up to believe that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, you don’t say anything at all and right now there is nothing new or positive to report. Danielle is in a bad place emotionally right now. She’s been fighting off this cough for weeks, she’s still in isolation, so can’t leave her room. She won’t even get out of bed. She’s lethargic and can’t even form cohesive sentences…why? We DON’T know….maybe its lack of will. Maybe she’s sicker than they think, but they can’t FIND anything!

We can’t take her home because her numbers aren’t high enough and she isn’t getting better (maybe because she’s just DONE and has no will to open her eyes another day to her hospital prison).
She’s lost 15 pounds and won’t eat. They have her on IV fluids now as she is wasting away. She is a terrible gray color and her face is gaunt and I am so pissed off, I can’t even talk about it.
People have been asking why we aren’t posting well that is why. I pray i’ll have something nicer to say soon. Love you.

This is a photo I took of her today, she wouldn’t even make me a goofy face.  It breaks my heart.