Protect your self Online


If you frequent the Internet, you probably have spyware on your system. Fortunately, following a few simple rules will help you minimize spyware exposure:

•Don’t download “free” software, no matter how tempting. Free software is a common source of spyware.

•Don’t be fooled by pop-up dialog boxes or ads. The safest policy is to never select anything that pops up on your system, no matter how great the offer or dire the promised consequences of ignoring. To rid yourself of these pop-up boxes, only click the “X” in the window’s upper right corner. Never select a “Close window” or “Exit” button that appears inside the box.

• Delete unsolicited e-mail messages without opening attachments or clicking on links. Many system vulnerabilities need your input to execute.

•Don’t allow unfamiliar sites to install software (such as ActiveX* or Java* applications) on your system.